Fallen Earth Review


Fallen Earth Review

The MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games genre has been primarily dominated by fantasy and space themes. Thus, it really sparked our interest when we heard of a new MMO title coming out with a post-apocalyptic theme.

Knowing the success of some titles that have utilized the theme before, we knew the huge potential a game like this had – and we can safely say, having played it, that the developers have utilized that potential almost to its fullest, creating a game that'll tie you down to the chair for a long time.


The game is set in the United States after the world has been destroyed by harsh climate changes. Struggling to survive, people soon find a new enemy in the face of a gigantic corporation that's managed to survive the fallout by acquiring its own military force and building a small economic system to sustain itself. The game can be played from several perspectives, including a first-person one.

There's a great deal of character customization available, letting you easily stand out from all the other players. Several classes are available for you to choose from, but each of them can be developed in such ways that the possibilities become nearly endless.

One of the great things about Fallen Earth is that it puts you directly in combat, instead of forcing you to repeatedly click on your enemies until either of you die. No, you'll have to face your enemies like in a standard shooter, with the outcome of the fight depending solely on your aiming skills – of course, you'll get some help from the abilities you've developed for your character, but you'll have to do most of the work yourself.

Graphics and System Requirements

The game looks amazing – the first thing you'll notice is the huge world, where all of the areas have been extensively detailed so that they feel truly lifelike. The different factions in the game's world look unique and different from each other, and you'll be able to instantly recognize which side everyone's on even at large distances. The vehicles and buildings also look very finely detailed, and the special effects associated with the vehicles' movement are especially commendable.

Here are some bad news though – the game is really demanding on your hardware if you want to run it well. For best performance, you'll need a quad core processor running at 2.40 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and a GeForce 8800 GTS (or Radeon 3870) with 512 MB of RAM. The game's performance scales very poorly on old machines, and considering this is in part a shooter, you'll need high framerates to be good at it – so make sure you have a good machine.


One interesting aspect about the development of the game is the ever-expanding world – it started out rather small, but the developers kept adding (and still are) new areas to it, continuously growing it in all sizes – so even if you get tired of the game at some point, just come back a few weeks later and there'll be something new for you to explore.


Fallen Earth is a magnificent title, and it should be more than enough to keep you occupied while you're waiting for that alleged Fallout-based MMORPG to finally get announced (and hopefully released some day).